Is a system that automatizes the emission and control of tickets for the food garden. It requires SARCAN Access and Biometric Module.

Add Value

  • Automatizes the management of tickets for food garden.

  • Minimizes costs out of the concept of wrongful consume.

  • Efficient use of food garden in the corresponding shift, since the system doesn’t send out tickets out of the determined shifts.

  • Efficient and effective Control of the total consume in the food garden, by cost centers and periods.


  • Allows assigning Tickets to workers, in a permanent mode or temporary by date ranges.

  • Sends out Tickets according to the assignment that the Company gives to each employee, restricted by periods, punctual authorizations and according to validations of established criteria.

  • Allows defining different type of menus according to the available foods in the food garden and according to the needs of each worker.

  • Menus charge automatically to the readers, according to the exact shifts assigned for the food garden.

  • It is possible to assign different menus on different readers.

  • Allows defining a maximum number of tickets per person per day, according to the schedule that they have, restricting the emission of tickets if it has or not an event of Assistance.

  • Maintains a database of sent-out tickets per employee for each date and schedule. Applying simultaneous control in any food garden connected to SARCAN within the network. Avoids possible abuse, both for consumers and licensee.

  • Sends out reports of consume per person, per organizational unit and per periods.

  • Possesses audit to users of the system that authorizes tickets.

  • Integrated to SARCAN Control and SARCAN Access, strengthening integral solutions of crossed control with different criteria that the organization wants to impose.