This is a System that automatizes online management for staff assistance. Flexible and configurable in any type of organization, especially in terms of high complexity not only for schedule structures but for organizational and legal restrictions as well as a great amount of employees.

Add Value

  • Guarantees that planning is fulfilled.

  • Minimizes monitoring costs, and manpower control.

  • Improves relationship between managers and workers, since the sum of paid and not paid hours is measured with accuracy, promptness, and fulfills systematically work union agreements.

  • Takes to cero usual fines that companies undergo from the Work Inspection due to a lack of accomplishment on countless controls and reports.

  • Improves decision-making of a company’s management, because it allows visualizing instantly the legal situation and organizational schedule for each employee.

  • Improves profitability of an organization since it allows them to react in the precise moment a breach occurs on the assigned budget, either for a worker, section, productive plant or any other concept.

  • Generates information for a range of systems: Fees, Management Control, etc


  • Flexible, allowing the Head of Area modify the times wanted the endowment of staff that the system suggests.

  • Works 100% integrated with SARCAN SPAD which allows:

  • Capacity and flexibility to automatize Schedule control for a big number of endowment of staff, also gets rid of a big number of manual or semi-manual calculation.

  • Capacity to manage any type of Schedule structure: Week shifts, Cycles of any period, Third, Fourth, N-Shift (highly used in health field).

  • Capacity to generate different Authorizations for staff in order to justify absence, extra hours, holidays, delays, etc.

  • Easy to correct manually, control record for Check-in or Check-out from employees that forgot making it.

  • Online report with calculus and results according to schedule, authorizations and marking for every employee. With the possibility of defining one, two or more columns with easy or complex calculus, as the organization requires.