Thanks to Cloud Computing SARCAN, all we offer in Time Management can be bought as a monthly service for your company. This new technology allows users to have access to a standard service catalog and respond with them to the needs of your company.


  • Technology of Cloud Computing SARCAN is easily integrated with the rest of the applications of Time Management and Human Resource from your organization.

  • Cloud Computing infrastructure provide greater capacity of adjustment, complete recovery of data (with security copies) as well as reducing to the minimum inactive times.

  • Simplicity and the fact that it requires a lot less investment to start working, since it dispenses from complex implementation, installation, configuration, etc.

  • Time saving: applications are now available in terms of days or hours instead of weeks or months, even with a considerable level of personalization or integration.

  • Energy and resource saving: there are no longer servers encased in the client, there is no longer expense for electricity in terms of maintain complex data network.