It is an integrated biometric system, very practical and easy to install, for the capture of staff events, as well as fulfilling quality and security regulation.

Add Value

  • Greater durability of the equipment. Protection NEMA4.

  • All the components are ensemble with the same quality.

  • It is delivered ready to be put on a wall and connect, doesn’t require either electrical or computer technician (Plug and Play).

  • Provides safe atmosphere for the worker at the moment of marking.

  • Easy maintaining: Just external cleaning of components with wet cloth with water.

  • Easy to move, just extract bolts out of the wall. Then, it is moved to the new location making four drilling the exact way as the anterior.

  • Before any violent conflict (example in public hospitals), the module has the possibility of being closed with a key.


  • Metallic protective box that incorporates: HandPunch plus ticket printer (Epson TM-T88) with metallic protection.

  • Available module of two sizes: 60 cm x 60 cm and 60 cm x 50 cm.

  • Possesses just two output wires for the network:

  • Electric. One male-connector Magic of 10A

  • Of data. One male-connector RJ-45

  • It is “plug and play” of easy installation. Requires just four drilling in wall.

  • Provides high durability to the systems components.

  • At the moment of connecting to the network, it couples automatically to the online capture of the SARCAN products