This is a system that automatizes online capture and control of events or marks for control of access and assistance. It Requires Biometric Module.

Add Value

  • Improves and solves definitely the traditional problem of lost marks from the staff in relationship with the control of assistance.

  • Reduces down to cero the usual fines that companies undergo from the Work Inspection, since it avoids the marking and ticket emission of attendance when the worker has committed any relative mistake to absence.

  • Improves relationship between management and workers because the event or mark is available immediately both for the company and worker.

  • At the moment of marking the worker may proof if his marking is safe and validated.


  • Captures and controls online events or marks from the staff from a lector with different purposes: Assistance Control, Access Control, Casino Control or external systems.

  • Non-Stop service over Server connected via Ethernet to HandPunch Equipment.

  • Captures Safe Event and Validated, allows getting events 100% trustworthy, without the typical loss of marks that occur with the rest of services that the market offers.

  • Multi-user interface, allows access to different time-reader for diverse simultaneous operations non-stopping the providing of online capture service.

  • Multi-Reader. The HandPunch Reader acquires the capacity of multi-access for different users, capturing non-stop, this is capacity pseudo multi-user.

  • Under small energy cuts or micro disconnections of the data network, the system is able to build up and replace services of connectivity automatically, without the intervention of users.

  • Allows sending individual messages to the HandPunch. Displays the name of the user for a correct identification in the equipment. Displays and prints individual messages.

  • Integrated with SARCAN Control and SARCAN Casino, allowing integrated solutions of control crossing different criteria that the organization wants to impose.

  • Allows online update with external systems, as an example update the base of any ERP that needs to process events captured either OFF or ON Line.