Mathematical tool to search for solutions and finding optimal in systems of lineal equations of multiple variables...
Software to be applied in operative investigation problems to analyze feasibility and or obtain the optimal of an objective function held to multiple restrictions.


SARCAN applies analysis methods and techniques to extract valuable information in great volume of data. They’re automatic and semi-automatic processes that discover appropriate properties and behaviors of the history of the organization. Our training and scientific experience contributes additional value, validating and improving the basis or fundamentals of the underlying model in the analyzed data.


The correct elaboration of demand forecast is very important for operational planning, this way the application of techniques that optimizes has its expected effect. SARCAN Forecast is a combination of physical-mathematical method and tools, empirical method focused to configure criteria and forecast models of effective business.


Tool that graphs (bar, line, 2D and 3D) and visualizes individual levels and aggregated from different concepts that compose each solution. It allows exporting to different forms. The objective of this tool is to deliver the user in an easy way to examine and analyze information.


A combination of tools that allow the control of resources in time either associated Temporal Events (points in time) or Temporal Ranges (Intervals or time series). It allows determining online calculus, such as Adder, Accountant, Index or any mathematical formula. As well as evaluating in different formats: minutes, hours, days, percentage or other dimension.