Allows integration in dissimilar systems, with a low level of coupling. It is a service that allows the exchange of messages with diverse clients using Sockets, a mechanism that allows using IP protocol for the exchange of information between applications, and is wildly used in the world, even in developed applications in languages of programing of third generation (procedure language).
SARCAN Socket is oriented to the integration of legal applications, with modern systems in a framework of high transactions, particularly where realization of enquiry or data base processes are required, or invocations of Web services that cannot be programed in these legacy systems, but allow gesture using APIs towards Sockets.

Add Value

  • Is a service: Doesn’t require intervention from a user for its operation.

  • Is multi-threading: can support multiple connections of clients to one or more IP directions, for protocol TCP or UDP, using the total resources of server, providing outstanding response times.

  • Allows its connection to a Database using a pool of connections. In case the instrumented protocol requires realization actions over database, SARCAN Socket uses a pool of connections that remain connected even when the associated connection to the client that utilized it is over; this way the times of response are minimized, especially considering that the processes of connection to the database are always of high impact in times of response.

  • Allows transaction control in the database, guaranteeing the correct operation of the transaction. The conditions of exception are controlled and informed, without affecting the service. The maximum times of response are parametrized.

  • Is flexible: It can arrange various protocols according to the needs of communication. This way the same server may attend a diversity of requirements without demanding multiple programs.

  • Is configurable: the operation of the server may be configured to attend one or more database, times of response, electronic mails in case of alarms, etc. In addition the service may be taken down cleanly using one parameter, once all active connections have finished their job, avoiding situations of sudden breakdown of the service

  • In addition, modifications in parameters are updated “on the spur of the moment”, this is, changes that are reflected immediately in the service operation.

  • Log-book Operation: Parametrically it is possible to define the level of log that will be reported, as the location and structure of itself (in one file or database, with a daily, weekly, hour’s etc. structure).

  • Windows Service.

  • Platform .NET.

  • Pool of Connections to a Database

  • Multi-threading.

  • Parameterized “on the spur of the moment”

  • High availability, special for situations of critical mission

  • Proofed service in conditions of extreme load.

  • Messaging according to the owner protocol r standards XML-RPC or ASN.1.


  • If you require an efficient and reliable integration, with one unique interlocutor that guarantees results, SARCAN may carry out the adaptation that your systems demand.

  • If your applications use Java, Cobol, Visual Basic or Delphi; based on Linux, VAX, Solaris or Windows; if you use Oracle, DB2, Sybase or SQL Server, SARCAN may carry out the process of integration between them, making sure that the process will have the best times of response and availability.