Optimal Planning of Workforce

This is a system that automates optimal planning for human resource, helping the organization make better use of their working hours in order to accomplish their daily workload.

Add Value

  • Improve workforce efficiency.

  • Reduce the cost of your payroll.

  • Improve customer service.

  • Use hours of employee Staff efficiently.

  • Reduce times of response.

Improve human resource performance in a public hospital

  • Better distribution of shifts (third, fourth, n-shift)

  • Reduce the use of extra hours or reduce the hours from fees concept.

  • Improve the performance of a fleet product of a better assigned crew.


  • Plans Schedule of employees according to the work burden or activity needs.

  • Allows managing Staff, Schedule and organizational restrictions as well as current legislation restrictions.

  • Allows managing time Intervals, Workday, Weekly Shifts or Rotate Cycles.

  • Allows planning staff shifts according to the needs of the organization using the least budget possible.

  • Allows the multi-valence of workers, this is assigning multiple tasks.

  • Given a demand, it is capable of obtaining optimal endowment, bases on mathematical methods that assure the best response.

Implementation Landmarks

  • Pick up information according to Schedule politics, current legislation, criteria and organizational politics and other historical data.

  • Modeling entities, services, or activities that must be assigned with an optimal schedule.

  • Analyzing and defining the appropriate model or models of optimization, according to the type of organization depending on its field.

  • Incorporate adapted solution in SARCAN SPAT. This is that the solution of optimal endowment that we deliver to our client must be robust, based on experience and proofed method, at the same time with the adequate interface, adapted in terms of our customers.

  • Implementing solution on our customers.