It is very important to always be alert on the consumers demand in order to offer them the best attention. Count with products, prices, services and ideal staff is crucial for the increase in client’s loyalty.
Techniques such as the optimal Endowment help systematically to maximize the efficiency of human resource.
Local Managers must have deep knowledge of the programming issue of the schedules and task assignation of their staff in charge. Generally they only focus on the solution of needs on a operational standard, but the financial impact is unknown and how this has an impact on the programming quality of services.

SARCAN SPAT has solved with success the requirements of labor hour savings and better customer service with an important series of Supermarkets along the South of Chile in 2006.

In SARCAN we already have available tools with which you may

  • Forecast demand based on the particular history of the establishment, using diverse criteria and periods (day, week, month, or other intervals)

  • Manage staff with complete and partial work day, employee availability, legal aspects required from the Working Inspection and Labor Union, define rating (if it set ups or poli functional).

  • Develop staff optimal endowment, with the purpose of minimizing the over-endowment, and sub-endowment, this means that all the time (every hour of the day) the programmed staff will be adjusted to the consumers demand.

  • Apply poli-functionality to qualified employees; this will improve results of the staff efficiency.

With SARCAN SPAT obtain immediate benefits

  • Save between 5% and 20% of labor hours.

  • Improve Customer Service.

  • Decrease over endowment.

  • Decrease sub-endowment.

  • Improve work climate.