Public and Private Hospitals that offer services of attention to patients with different specialties, have powerful and variable demand of multiple activities which translate as the capacity of attention to patients that are determined by the available time of specialists and assistants for every moment.
The Deputy Managing Director, the Medical Deputy and Head of Area know the constant issues with the schedule programing of staff, availability of attention to patients, and maintenance of the units with 24 hours range according to the needs and 365 days of the year.
The Schedule needs of public and private hospitals cover a big amount of combinations, forms and criteria, schedules must satisfy administrative areas (working schedules traditional office), while other are completely out of this regulations: the third or fourth shift, extended workday for day and night, rotations (cycle), periods of break (free days, legal holidays), on the other side absenteeism, vacations, etc.
Combine all of these characteristics on one efficient program, this is valued for its correct operation in terms of Coverage, Quality, Stability, Flexibility, Justice and Cost, this is practically impossible without the help of an automatized platform, guided specifically to this purpose.
SARCAN technology was made thought in the development of a software solution easy to manage, that delivers optimal programing of schedules based on the needs of each unit, taking notice of the daily need of attention of patients, stablished budget and legal aspects that regulate work agreements for each employee that is Hired, Fees, or other relationship with the health institution.

Add Value

  • Generates Optimal Endowment of staff for Organizational Unit, assigning the Right Shifts, according to the demand in medical attention that must be solved. This constitutes a tool of great support for the staff management.

  • Increases the attention capacity for patients, since the staff is better organized and the coverage is the best as possible.

  • Increase and improve capacity of patient attention with the same or even less Budget.

  • Improve quality of attention for patients, since there is available staff for the required services in the right place and moment.

  • Saving of labor hours, reduces extra hours, and improves time distribution.

  • Improves justice and work climate, since the current regulation is applied with no discrimination or special treatments.

  • Improves the supervision Management of Head of Area, since they don’t spend time or energy in Schedule issues.

  • Increases Staff Productivity, since the programing system is transparent, fair and is always available on Internet, in the Staff Department or in its own unit where it works.

  • Reduces cost of payrolls, from the concept of lower quality of extra hours and/or normal hours.

  • Improves the operative management in the whole organization, since the Direction, Deputy and Heads of Area count with reports from a screen, printer, or email from the current programing, historical and next periods, making the decision-making easier.

  • Improves financial management of human resource available, since the programing system maintains informed the Unit of Administration and Finance of the value of historical programing, current, and next possible scenarios.


  • Flexible, allowing the Head of Area modify the times wanted the endowment of staff that the system suggests.

  • Screens and Reports arrange according to the culture, nomenclature and language of the organization, making intuitive, friendly and of easy use for all the medical staff and administration of the establishment.

  • Capacity of interconnecting with other systems of the establishment to import and or export data.

  • Control of access to the system of authentication of User and Key.

  • Administrates institutional Organigram, allowing Access to users with profiles according to their role in the organization.

Works 100% integrated with SARCAN SPAD

  • Forecasting periods of high, medium and low demand of attention to patients.

  • Forecasting demand of Service Attention for units, days and hours.

  • Forecasting demand of Doctors for specialty in HH.

  • Forecasting demand for required Supplies from the Service of Attention.

  • Forecasting demand of Infrastructure for organizational unit: Laboratory of Specialty, Attention Rooms, Operating Rooms.

  • Forecasting demand of doctor support Staff, for specialties.

  • Forecast administrative staff demand and support to surgeries in the establishment.

Works 100% integrated with SARCAN Control

  • Controlling Assistance to Employee, Doctors and other professionals in real time, this is with reports Online visible in any organizational unit of the establishment or outside itself.

  • Controlling Biometric Access online allows validating at the same time the situation of the person (Employee, doctor or other) that is entering the Health establishment. This validation is direct with the corresponding Shift, the Type of work-time (Normal, Nighttime, Extra, Holidays or other situation). In addition, validates its absence depending on the situation, such as if there is Medical License, or if there is administrative permission, etc.

  • Biometrical Control and Ticket for Casino Online, validating different aspects, such as: time for lunch-break, if payments are updated, if lunch-break is suitable according to the current Shift or if there is a Medical License, Vacations or other similar condition. As well as, validating if the contractual situation, for example if the contract is not updated, then it doesn’t allow the emission of tickets. If the establishment agrees with this, neither emits the ticket for lunch if the person has not marked his assistance and is present in the hospital.

Allows maintaining different Scenarios to Optimize the Schedule Planning according to different criteria

  • Minimum Payrolls.

  • Maximizing the Amount of Patient Attentions.

  • Minimize the final Cost.

  • Minimize the Extra Hours or Total Hours.

  • Minimize the space between demand forecast and amount of attentions to patients.

  • Other criteria or combinations.