Universities, institutes and Schools have to elaborate programs for each academic period that adjusts to the needs and restrictions that the infrastructure (number of classrooms, sizes, equipment), subject or courses that must be dictated, teachers availability, budget restrictions.
Those in charge of designing, assigning courses and teachers to different assignments know the problem of time restriction of some teachers, schedules that run across, between courses or available classrooms.

Add Value

  • Improves quality of teaching.

  • Increases student capacity.

  • Saves extra hours, because it avoids extra schedules.

  • Improves quality of education, avoiding idle times in alumni.

  • Improves efficiency of educational infrastructure, increasing classroom and lab availability.

Planning courses, having a certain staff of teachers, certain number of available classrooms and regulations, is not a trivial matter to solve, even more if the best plan possible is required.
The complexity increases when conditions are related with students, these must have the possibility of taking a minimum amount of credits (assignments), forcing them to certain courses that aren’t given at the same time.
Associated costs of a program: Teachers salary, partial fees, cost for the use of classrooms, and equipment cost, together are an obstacle for the academic period budget.
The need to design academic programs is an issue, semester to semester, year to year, in different conditions, or scenarios for every period: Definition of academic period, definition of exam periods, ponderation of core and obligatory assignments, etc.
Schedules from a teacher point of view must accomplish certain conditions: avoid consecutive classroom sessions, at the same time the plan must be balanced and part of the educational plan.


  • Avoids extended free intervals between one and another class, maximizing its efficiency.

  • Has the possibility of creating various possible scenarios.

  • Display and Reports that adapt to the characteristics of the implemented solution.

  • Capacity to interconnect with other systems to import and/or export data.

  • Access control to the system authenticating User and Password.

  • Administrates the Institutional Chart.

  • Administrates Information of Academics, Classrooms, Assignments, Schedules and Type of Hours.

  • 100% integrated with SARCAN Control, which provides a complete control of what is planned, for example Assistance Control of Academics, Control of Biometric Access for Academics, Control and Ticket Emission for Casino.

  • 100% integrated with SARCAN SPAD, providing capacity for forecast in activities, a system capable to analyze historical demand of classrooms, assignments and/or academics and generate a forecast of the future behavior.


Can optimize for different concepts:

  • Minimum Cost

  • Maximum use of Classrooms

  • Minimum Teaching Staff

  • Maximum number of Assignments

  • Minimum Hours

  • Other criteria or combinations