Our core and part of our slogan is the Optimization of Key Processes of Business.
We strictly dedicate to the development of solutions that improve critical processes in organizations, these are processes that after being improved produce a significant impact in productivity, increased sales, less costs, improved efficiency in the use of human resource, and/or better efficiency in the use of other resources of the organization (technologies, inputs, raw materials, infrastructure).
The concept of SARCAN Optimization is to come across the just technique, suitable to the context of the searched innovation.
In order to find this technique we apply SARCAN method: deep understanding of the critical process where changes are needed, in order to form an information Model: Concept model that represents biunivocaly the reality of the process, we guarantee this by the application of rigorous scientific method.
Just then, we generate a mathematical model, with formal nomenclature, that represents the concept that wants to be optimized.
Our major strength is in the previous stage of the mathematical modeling, which’s focus is fundamentally the investigation and thorough comprehensions of the System were the model will exist; this is a detailed exam of:

  • Properties of Dimensional Space that support the System.

  • Dependent and independent variables (domain, type, singularities, etc.).

  • Space delimitation (boundary conditions or static/dynamic restrictions) of the model.

  • Candidate Functions to build the searched mathematical model.

We don’t proceed as the traditional methods used now days in the Business Intelligence aspect or the classical engineering aspect, where data is taken (extracted from a database usually) and is loaded to mathematical software, which throws results, and just then begins to analyze and extract conclusions.
Our SARCAN method is complete, integral, consistent and robust, in the sense that first a boards the analyzed phenomenon conceptually, constructed in a metric, with elaboration of hypothesis, and then observes (measuring).
This procedure assures to grow in the right direction: from its essence of the analyzed process, to the particular and not the other way around as pretended in the general standard methods that classical engineering’s offer, going from particular to general.
Our methods for Optimization of Key Processes, is based in the SARCAN method, which has allowed us to develop solutions of great impact for our clients, generating products such as: SARCAN SPAT, SARCAN Control, SARCAN SPAD and SARCAN RMS.

Arsenal of tools of software and methods

  • Our experience and settled method has allowed us through the years to form a substitute of methods, algorithms, and software libraries that gives us a flexible technology in any new project, giving us security, robust and fast answers towards requirements of high complexity in the process of software packaging.

  • This arsenal of software tools and methods (SARCAN technology), is used in any project, adding important value, due to the years of experience and good practices it has.

  • This gives us the certainty that any project, or new product, has to be built from cero, which differences us completely from any other company or informatics consulting’s since we built over intelligent fundamentals and tools, solid, mature and with proofed robustness.