SARCAN Revenue Management

SARCAN Revenue Management is an Automatic System for Optimized Pricing according to the projections of Demand; its objective is to allow our clients to maximize their income in business without modifying the assigned resources, affecting later on their costs.

Add Value

  • Increase supplie’s profitability.

  • Maximize companie’s income and profitability.

  • Increase Portfolio of Customers, dragging new segment of consumers.

  • Increases control and improves the decision-making over product prices and services.

  • Strengthens position of the company before its competition.


  • Calculates optimal prices for each product or service, according to different criteria or segmentations and the record of their performance.

  • Delivery of Sales Path for each Product or Service Price, according to the record of their performance.

  • Reacts or recalculates prices as many times as needed according to the actual conditions.

  • Enables or disables prices, according to the sales of products or services.

  • Possesses a system of response for prices of high performance, it is able to respond for one or thousands of points of sales at the same time.

  • Updates automatically incorporating the response of our clients.

  • Allows different techniques for the optimization of prices according to the demand of the consumer and the existent supply.

  • Allows the configuration of parameters to obtain different response of prices according to the restrictions and criteria of the organization.