SARCAN SPAD is a system of Automatic Forecast oriented to the dynamic capture of future demand on a basis of history of sales of the company during recent years. It allows the projection of curves of Demand, Elasticity and Sales Track in time, giving feedback to the analysis of sales behavior, present in real time.

Add Value

  • Allows the optimization of resources.

  • Improves sales strategies, marketing, and commercialization.

  • Allows reacting as soon as a change in the performance occurs.

  • Allows anticipation of important events.

  • Allows implementing models of CLV (Customer Lifetime Value), models that allow predicting the future value of current clients, with the purpose of segmenting the commercial stock according to the ranking of future values.

  • Allows implementing Cross-Selling, Up-Selling models, these are predicting models for the performance of the basket DE COMPRAS of current clients for commercial segmentation actions in order to introduce products of a higher value or crossed products for the purchase of clients.

  • Ayuda a maximizar la rentabilidad, a través de una mejora en la toma de decisiones, debido a que dispone de información de óptima calidad privilegiada que dispone de su propio negocio.

  • Helps to maximize profitability improving decision-making, due to the available privileged information of optimum quality from your own business.

  • Impacts the improvement of planning, optimizing inventory and operations.


  • Automatizes the process of obtaining demand forecast or resources.

  • Allows visualizing the performance of clients, workers, or the use of other resources.

  • Allows obtaining curves of demand, elasticity, Price-Demand, and other indicators.

  • Allows obtaining curves of efficiency and usage of resources.

  • Allows coming ahead of the demand, in the use of resources, service request, or the initiation of activities.

  • Allows analyzing the development of resources, materials, people, and services, of processes or activities.

  • Doesn’t need statistics expert, or engineer to obtain results of the forecast.

  • The information that is automatically updated from the transactional systems incorporation the response of clients online with the reality.